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1. Sign up for free.
2. Click the product to flip and see the details.
3. Use some credits to peek at the price.
4. You have 10 seconds to grab the deal at the price displayed.
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Original artwork by award winning Irish Canadian painter Sarah E Quick. Oil on Canvas 36" (3ft) x 60" (5 ft) Delivery time: 5 days As with all our items there is free delivery nationwide!!
"Fault" by Sarah E quick
Original artwork by award winning Irish Canadian painter Sarah E Quick.

Oil on Canvas 36" (3ft) x 60" (5 ft)

Delivery time: 5 days
As with all our items there is free delivery nationwide!!
Retail Price: €6,500
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Frequently Asked Questions
- What type of products will be available on Rehab Deals?
The offers on Rehab Deals vary from smartphones to spa breaks and everything in between, with new luxury products and exclusive services at incredible deal prices all the time.
- When do new products get added to Rehab Deals?
New deals are added at all time of the day and night. You just have to check back often to see when a brand you really, really want appears.
- How can I tell what the Rehab Deals price will be?
You can’t and that’s the fun. You click ‘view price’ anytime you want to see what the current deal price is. You can buy the product or service at whatever price you see, but you have to be quick – you have to click ‘Buy now’ before it disappears. You’ll see a countdown timer bar indicating how much time you have left.
- How much does it cost to peek at the Rehab Deals price?
Different items cost different amounts. The number of credits that you will use by clicking ‘view price’ is always shown beside the button, so you can see before you click. You get 12 credits for €1 when you top-up.
- If I click ‘view price’ on the same item multiple times will I see different prices?
Yes, prices change all the time. Sometimes small movements, sometimes giant leaps.
- Should I wait a longer time before checking back to see the new price?
The decision is entirely up to you. You may be offered a much lower price if you wait a while, but then again someone else might snap up the deal in the meantime.
- There are two or more of the exact same item on the site – are they all the same price?
The exact same items may be the same price or may be offered at completely different prices at the same time. The only way to find out is to click ‘view price’ on each item. But be warned – the first deal you viewed may be grabbed by another user by the time you get back to it!! That’s all part of the fun.
- When I click ‘view price’ a “frozen” message appears – what does that mean?
When you see “Frozen” it means that someone else is:
a) Viewing the deal right now and has a chance to grab the deal. If they don’t grab the deal, it’ll be available for you to ‘view price’ in a few seconds. It might even be a better deal.
b) Has bought the deal but hasn’t yet completed payment. If anything goes wrong with their payment it’ll be back on the site and available within minutes or else will change to “sold”.
You have not spent any credits if you click ‘view price’ and “frozen” is displayed.
- Who are Rehab Deals?
Rehab Deals Ltd. is a company registered in Ireland (company no. 541441) with registered offices at Roslyn Park, Sandymount, Dublin 4. Directors are John Fleming, Mark Quick and Nancy Holland.
- If I buy an item on Rehab Deals, how do I know I’ll get it?
Rehab Deals ensure that suppliers deliver the items to buyers quickly and hassle free. Most products are received within days and where there are longer delivery times it will be stated in the description (for example cars usually take 10 weeks). All items are brand new and in their original packaging. If you grab a deal on a service, you will receive a voucher from the service provider – such as hotels & spas.
- What do I do if there is something wrong with my item?
All products on Rehab Deals are brand new, packaged items from manufacturers, verified authorised distributors or retailers. Therefore, we rarely experience problems with items, however if you do please contact us immediately. It is a manufacturer warranty issue but we will ensure the supplier of the goods deals efficiently with and resolves your problem.
- If I don’t want an item can I return it?
No. All deals that are bought are final, so returns based on change of mind will not be accepted. It would be unfair to other users of the site as they have missed out on the deal that you grabbed.
- Is my information completely secure?
Yes. Rehab Deals use SSL encryption (verified by GeoTrust) on all pages where information is transmitted. User information is stored on secure servers that are accredited to ISO 27001 data security standards and use industry leading firewalls. User passwords are stored as salted hashes and are not accessible to Rehab Deals staff. All payment information and associated data such as user credit card numbers are handled by global payments company Stripe and are not accessible to Rehab Deals. Rehab Deals Ltd are compliant with all Data Protection legislation in Ireland and are committed to implementing all best practices in this area.
- How many items can I buy?
Users are limited to purchasing 3 items per day and 5 in one week. This is done to stop one user grabbing all the deals and leaving none for others – especially commercial operations trying to profit and automated robots.
- Why did my user account get blocked?
Where suspicious patterns are noticed, such as a breach of the item purchase limit, we may block user accounts. If this is done in error, please contact us and we will unblock your account.
- I have another question, who can I ask?
Use the live chat if available (office hours)
Fill out the form on the Contact page
Email us at
Phone us on (01) 2100 525
Write to us at Rehab Deals Ltd, Park House, Stillorgan Grove, Stillorgan, Co. Dublin.
Message us on Facebook or Twitter