"Made to Measure" Suit
Unique deluxe gift for him.

You will receive a gift certificate for the experience of a 'made to measure' deluxe shirt by Salingers in Cork city centre.

So what is "made to measure"? This is a tradition that our grandfathers participated in when the word high street didn't even exsist. When buying clothes generally consisited of just suits,trousers,waistcoats.

It was when a man went to his tailor and asked for his advice about what fabrics suited his needs and style. A measuring tape was thrown around his body and a chat ensued about the style of garments he required and that was that. In a few weeks he came back tried on his garments and perhaps a few adjustments here and there and that was how it was done.

This trust between tailor and client was extremely important. It instilled confidence within the client that their wardrobe was of a certain quality. They were satorially guided by a man of experience and knowledge, so when they put on their suit they knew they looked good and felt confident.

In a world where absolutely everything is instant and online shopping is prevelant, these face to face chats about style and attention to detail is being eradicated. However there seems to be a certain change within some of us wanting the best bang for our buck,demanding quality and not just being blinkered by brands.

The art of the tailor is feeling something of a renaissance in certain parts of the world. It is becoming extremely popular in North America,South America and Central Europe. With the likes of Nordstrom introducing made to measure into select stores it just indicates it's re-emerging popularity which is not going away this time.

First just make an appointment where Salingers can spend enough time to measure,discuss styles and fabrics and most importantly the details.

We believe at Salingers that every guy should have at least one made-to-measure suit in their wardrobe, one for that special day, one to mix and match, one to stand out.

So what is involved?
The process starts with a consultation to discuss fabrics, measurements and the all-important details. Following that, we make an appointment for a fitting (which also can be done on the same day, depending on availability).

What's important here is your tastes and finding colours,patterns that suit your style,shape and colouring. When you settle on a fabric you then go over style covering every element including buttons, lapels and embroidery.

To conclude, we shake hands and in about six to eight weeks your suit arrives. There is generally a few nip and tucks (that we outsource to a local tailor). We offer a wide variety of styles and suit cuts that are categorised as you can see below.

Delivery time: 5 days
As with all our items there is free delivery nationwide!!

Note: Delivery time is for delivery of the gift certificate. The person who you give this gift to needs to go to Salingers in Cork city for this experience.
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